Who am I ?


        I got to know about Islam when I was living in England at about 22 years of age. I was a Catholic and tried practicing everything to the maximum. I saw that it didnt work,and when I saw the people praying to the statues in the church this made me realize its all wrong and that the statues cant answer your prayers! Only God can, Allah. I realized I wasnt getting any feed back on my prayers excactly, it doesnt work Catholicism, your praying in the wrong direction and not to the real living God, Allah.
        So, I stopped practicing and left the church in search of the truth. I searched and searched many years, reading books on all kinds of religions, but never thought of Islam, until I met some muslims! They explained to me the meaning of Islam, which I found very simple and a continuation of the line of the prophets which made me happy, so all was not in vain, as I recognised the prophets names, Adam, Moses, Jesus, David, etc....peace be upon them. So Islam didnt come to me as a strange religion, but as something that I already recognised.
        Islam brought all the loose ends together, giving me focus on my thoughts and heart. You could say it was like a Windows 98 reboot ! But this time I found all the software and hardware! I was very happy when I read Quran for the first time, (translation I mean by Marmaduke Pickthall) I couldnt let it go, I had to read it every night when I got home from work, until I finished it. What caught my attention, very vividly is the arabic, and the nice Caligraphy on the first page. But most of all the translation of al-Fatihah impressed me most and I realized I had found the truth. The truth that I had been spending my life looking for, I knew it existed somewhere and that there must be a truth and a real point to living in this life. My heart came into peace! At last, peace of mind and peace of heart.
        I thank Allah with all of my heart.......and realized then and still now that Allah (t) is my only True Friend and only Real Friend, there is no other.
        Many non muslims are also searching for the truth and hoping for the best.....they need just a little guidance and help from the muslim communities, its our duty to tell our neighbours, our work colleagues. To set a fine example, as the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) did.

Now I know who I am. A muslim.          And thats me, your HDI Webmaster!