As a Muslim, I hate Israel! I hate what they do! Why, because I hate injustice, I hate a people who steal and trick a people by taking their land away. I hate people who murder. I hate people who support such a land. I hate what bad people do. Of course this could apply to many other lands as well, but most of all at present to Israel, a Jewish State.

A Jewish State, which is not a good example to mankind. A State that forces its way into other peoples lives is no real State at all. Who wants to live like that or even support that. But people do! People who call themselves civilized! Countries support this Pirate State! Oh yes, they bring old stories that this land belongs to us. But who believes in lies and in fairy stories. Thats what Israel uses as an excuse to do what they want to do. A Jewish way of life cannot be right, cannot be good, just look at its system and way of life, its terrible.

Even these days with so much freedom, they try to stop us opening our mouths and hearts when we tell the truth! The truth always hurts. How can a people, the Palestinians, be called Terrorists! Gee, as an American would say, what the hell are you talking about. You see, the Media, mostly ruled and owned by the Jewish powers have been brainwashing you for years, trying to show you how the arabs are a lowly folk. But really , all this brainwashing doesnt make me believe their terrible injustice, in fact, I see them as the lowest of the low, and one of the worst peoples in the world. Most of all I hate the countries which supports this ugly State, and what do I care whatever happens to these peoples which do support such Governments or such Systems.

Its only natural to hate what is wrong! Well thats my hearty opinion, after all I am human! Are you?


Peace! From your Webmaster Rashid Wels!

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