"Asalamu alaikum dear brothers and sisters!


Peace Statement

How many of the Prophets fought in Allahs way, and with them fought large bands of good men? But they never lost heart if they met with disaster in Allahs way, nor did they weaken (in will) nor give in. And Allah loves those who are Firm and steadfast. [Quran 3:146]

The purpose of this German based site is to help muslim users to find "Islamic Links" around the world. Where Islamic Links are slowly gathered and put under the roof of Haus des Islam's INTERNET Website based here in Germany.The name "Haus des Islam" means "House of Islam". Of course the HDI for all muslim users around the world. So we want to save time searching for Links! Hopefully ! Well thats the idea in part! The aim, and thats the Homepage of this "House"! So if you have found some nice Islamic Links while surfin the "Net" just drop us a line and we will enter it into our Islamic Communication Link Pages..

Haus Profile

This House in the Internet is not a professional organisation, but a normal homepage muslim user at present.I am trying to serve, in the spirit of Islamic unity and hope that this House in the Internet, will help for the Cause of Allah. For those who do seek Islam and want to bring it into their houses and homes in the real sense of the term. I was associated with community service, and Dawa work in the "Haus of Islam" in Lützelbach, Germany. Thus I came up with the idea to make a " Haus des Islam INTERNET".( I must say that this Website is not the"Haus des Islam"in Lützelbach, Germany) "Houses of Islam" are everywhere to be found around the world, the houses and homes of muslims!.

At present I have developed this site by myself, started on the 9th of May 1999 al-hamdoolillah! You can take part as well, if you are interested in working for the "Cause of Allah" and wish to contribute. You may want to write some articles or publish comments, you may want to even develope some webpages or even improve this whole site! Everyone has his or her talents. The main thing is that it is a start! We can work together for the " Cause of Allah and for the benifit of the Islamic Community in all "Houses of Islam" around the world. You may even want to start your own "House of Islam" in your own country! In this way we can Link up "Houses of Islam" for good Islamic Communication. This is a freelance site in the basic sense and spirit!. May Allah protect us from evil and harm.

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You can contact me by email for useful developement of this Website.Or for comments and suggestions. Keep our site in your Bookmark to watch this space for future developements !

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