Muslim meets Muslim?

Question: Your Muslim?
Answer: Yes.
Q:Which Group are you with?
A: I dont believe in sects.
Q: No. I mean which do you belong ?
A: I am a muslim.
Q: Yes, I know, but which school of thought are you with?
A: I am a muslim. Al-hamdoolillah.
Q: Yes, but what do you follow, which path?
A: I was glad to become a muslim. To get away from all those
   different groups, sects, differences. Thats what attracted me  
   to  Islam, " The Unity, The One Religion".

Q: H..mmmmmm???????
A: There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is His Messenger,
    thats what  I follow. " SO WHY DO YOU ASK ME?
I thought
    your a muslim as well? Dont you follow? Dont you believe?
    Dont you understand?"