Jews in the News


Jews in the News!
Yes its a fact that we read often in the newspapers, and in TV, magazines etc.

It makes me wonder,
what did the Jews learn from World War II ?

Normally you would think human beings would learn from the past, especially after what was done to them by the Nazis. But as we can see, they are doing the same, killing...?????

What makes me even more sick, is, that they complain about what happened to their people in the past especially in World War II?

Why complain and remember so much about the past when they are doing the same thing, murdering........???
Killing innocent people. But as we all know from history they always did complain anyway. This is a troublesome people or ?

Also they think they are so clever, but killing is not clever. They are blind, they think their right, but their not. They are thieves and they murder, torture.

They try to brainwash everybody with their Media games, after all they control a lot of it. So its a brain washing game. Do they think the people are so stupid that they cant see what they are like and what they are doing.

The Jews suffered in Germany, but what did they learn from that? Absolutely nothing. A people who suffered liked that would normally not make another people suffer ever. It just goes to show what kind of people they really are.

Most people dont like or hate Jews, .................. now I know why?

Or am I also brainwashed??????????