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Asalamu alaikum dear brothers and sisters !

So you were attracted by this Website !And its Links and Profile! Are you interested in doing some Islamic work here? Yes! Ok then, send in your efforts by email and let us all share your talents! You can join this Website free of charge! You can publish your stories here or send us some reports of the muslims in your area for example. What are you doing Islamically? And how far do you go Islamically in your own way of life ! This House of Islam Website based in the Center of Europe is a very open and effective way to encourage others to do Da'wah work, which means, to invite people to understand Islam through dialogue! Write in and let your brothers and sisters know your practical Da'wah experiences for example in your daily life. Or are you not doing any Da'wah? Well we hope we can learn and know more on how to do just that, from those who write in, in-sha-Allah! Here on this page for example they can submit their news by email for consideration by our Website Editor..

Please note you can write in english or in german (Deutsch).
We need to construct it
more with the help of german muslim/german speaking muslim volunteers! After all I wasnt born here in Germany, but in Scotland, so I hope and pray you will also have a Braveheart to help and inform people about Islam in this Haus des Islam in INTERNET. Actually I have been living and working here in Deutschland 1989, but my written grammatic work is not so good . Anyway this is my small effort for Allah's cause, so come on in and help to build up our Islamic Website!

Ok thats all for now, and by the way Scotland is a lovely land,
Germany as well!
Wasalam from your Webmaster Rashid !

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