Living in Germany is not so easy sometimes. For many muslims it can be a burden. They want to practice Islam, but how to do it in this non-muslim environment?

Many muslims  dont even pray. The so called muslims. How come? Many dont know the importance of the prayer let alone much about islam itself. Some say they cant pray at work. Fear of being ridiculed or shyness to pray at their daily workplace makes life not so easy for the complex muslim. 

Islam is simple, but people make it difficult. Of course the majority of Companies, Offices, Schools, Public Places, etc, have never seen any muslim praying here openly in public. If they did, they would wonder "whats going on ?" So we have this hidden barrier, this hidden veil.

Muslims shy, afraid, not practicing Islam, gives Islam that unknown feeling to the Non-Muslim. They get a shock and are surprised if they see you praying at your work place or out in public, in the open. Most Companies, most Employers, will not tolerate such a thing. They will say, "What's going on?" "No, we dont want this kind of thing here!" Or the work colleagues will gang up against you, and try to make life unbearable so that you are forced to leave. Thats life I am afraid, the bad guys always trying to put the good guys down.

Of course some muslims do manage to overcome this barrier and do establish their prayers wherever they are and at whatever time. These are the muslims who are doing as Allah (t) commands, and that is, to establish the prayer.

So it makes me think!   Why are the people so afraid? Afraid of those people who spend their own time remembering and praying to God, the One and Only (Allah), and being thankful daily. I thought thats what we were supposed to learn in school, and from our parents, to be good. Or is it to good to be true? Whats happened with the people, and whats happened to the so called muslims?



What is wrong with the muslims? Yes, what is wrong with the muslims today? Well many factors play a part, but the main part belongs to us. To you, me and everyone of us who is muslim.

Muslims tend to think, or not to think!.Its a question of to be, or to not to be, that is the question (heard that phrase somewhere before have you?)

We know how to spend our time for example when we are sick, we go to the doctor. When we have a toothache we go to the dentist. We make appointments for many things, and usually keep them in order not to be late. Now the question arises, what about our appointments with Allah? Appointments with Allah you may ask surprisingly? Yes what appointments can that be? Whats he talking about you may be asking.

Appointments are usually made at fixed times and at fixed places. Our first most important appointment with Allah (t) is at the beginning of our new day in the early morning prayer, Salatul Fajr, the Dawn prayer. How many of us get up for that? Can you think or imagine out of all the muslims in the world, how many get up for that first important prayer in the morning. Not many? Ok, well if thats your answer, now you know whats wrong with the muslims.