Eid in Germany

3 Million muslims live here in Germany. 100,000 approx. are German Citizens.

More germans are coming to Islam, sometimes it seems like daily, weekly, or monthly. As for myself I am half german, on my mothers side. I am British and have been living here in Germany now 24 years. So actually I can give both a critical view and an indepth view of Eid here as a muslim. I try  or tend to Celebrate Eid with the german speaking muslims. The majority of muslims here are Turkish throughout the land. They have established mosques in every large and small city, down to the local village in many cases. There are Helal shops everwhere, so theres no problem for food. So its not surprising that the german muslims have established their own little Islamic Center as well, called Haus des Islam, in Lützelbach not far from Frankfurt.

Eid is celebrated by Haus des Islam, by renting the city hall. This is large enough for the German Speaking Muslims who come from all over Germany to spend a nice day together in an Islamic Atmosphere. The reason so many people come is that its probably the ownly place in Germany that does this. Families come with their children. Most come from far and wide because of this islamic atmosphere. This is due to the many different nationalities attending. This atmosphere is not felt in the vast majority of the Mosques throughout Germany due to the dominant Turkish majority who practice their traditions and customs. If you are non-turkish, its difficult to usually blend in, or to have a say in their affairs. Because of these customs and ways its difficult usually to feel comfortable.

The Eid prayers organised by Haus des Islam start at 9:30am or10:00am. The Khutba is made by brother Muhammad Siddiq (Wolfgang Borgfeldt) the leader of HDI. Brother Muhammad Siddiq has built up this Islamic Atmosphere over many years, and is known for his long Khutbas. Thats another reason why muslims come from far and wide, to hear the Khutba in German! Also they come because of his straight forward attitude and charisma towards Islam. After the Khutba we all greet each other with warm embraces with "Eid Mubaruk!" (Happy Eid). Many faces are the same every Eid, (german muslims among them) so we all know eacher other by now, although we all live in different parts of Germany. With happy embraces from those we havent seen for a longtime, we all sit down to a nice "Kaffee und Kuchen" (Coffee and Cake) the typical german tradition when celebrating. The cakes are are made by the sisters the day or night before who have worked hard in their kitchens. A very small charge is made for each cake, the money goes to a good islamic cause. The small children are entertained, some sing, some recite Al-Quran to the open audience in the Lützelbacher local hall. The hall is full of tables where we can sit and eat. Lunch is sometimes(usually) offered free. Meat and rice are cooked by the local Moroccan brothers, who have themselves donated the meat for this occasion. Discussions on the different tables are interesting to hear. News from different regions in Germany. Personal opinions are heard, world affairs are discussed. All in all, we do thank Allah for our Happy Eid Day! Shookran Ya Allah.!

reported by brother Muhammad Rashid Wels. 
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