No East, No West, Islam is the Best
Is this for real? Is this a joke? Some may think so, that is because those who think like that have no real knowledge.

Time to handle with the muslims

Islam is the Best! This I can tell you from my own experiences. From what I have learned since I became a muslim in 1974 in England. Yes, I know many muslims are not the best, but that has nothing to do with the religion of Islam. People practice Islam, people dont practice Islam, it means the people are not perfect, but that doesnt mean the religion is at fault. All of us know that we are not perfect, so nobody can claim to be so.
This brings us now to .........The Best? Islam? Well lets take a look at the facts, it doesnt mean you have to become a muslim to just take a look! The world is full of faults, full of problems! How can we get rid of all these problems! There must be a way! Of course there is a way, but who wants to know or even listen to it. Listening is another problem many, many of us have. We say we have no time, or we may think this is boring for me or I am not interested to know. This is our problem today! We just dont want to know anything anymore.Why? Well because we all think we know everything already. We think we know everything........! We think, but we dont really look or search into our hearts to look at other ways. Which way to go? The human way naturally, it cant be more natural than that, just be human first when handling or dealing with Islam and Muslims!

Coming soon---the facts............ WATCH THIS SPACE when I have time to write it in ok! Soon...........      04.12.03 Rashid HDII