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Updated: Dezember, 2002 
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Eid in Germany
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Wolfgang, Manfred, Walter

These are typical german forenames in Germany, but who would think that these people are also muslims! Wolfgang is now known as Muhammad, Manfred as Khamis, Walter is Rashid.

Its a surprise for the daily german in the street, who would find it hard to believe! I could go on with more names and these are people whom I all know  personally, in my own circle of friends and contacts. Also there is Michael = Omar, Andreas = Ismael, Gerhard = Abdel Qadir, Bernd = Khalid, and on and on. It seems like there are alot of german muslims or.........!  Yes in fact its true, and not all are new to Islam, some embraced Islam more than 30 and 40 years ago. And they speak arabic fleuntly!

As we can see Islam has been in Germany for many years now, with local people accepting this way of life, so its not strange like many people may think. To change your name is not compulsory, but it helps in bridging the gap in islamic communications between us brothers and sisters in islam.

Lets not forget the ladies in this discussion, Brigette is now called Khadijah! And so it goes on, thanks and Praise be to Allah. Islam is here, here in Germany, and here in Europe. They see the truth, accept it, follow it, practice it, no matter whatever their Governments or their own people may think or say!