"Its a beautiful day."

Its a beautiful day. I feel the sunshine on my face on this fresh October morning. I wait for the train for Frankfurt. Doors open. Happily I get in, and decide to write on this beautiful fresh day. I sit beside the window, the train rattling along. Suddenly the sun has gone, we fly through a foggy patch, oh how life can suddenly change, just like that. Sometimes up, sometimes down. The mist has cleared, sunshine again! The train stops at the station. Old ladies talk, excited travelling as a small group. Life can be like that, exciting. Makes my heart happy, this sun coming into my heart today. "Allah I thank you for these small gifts and mercies". In fact these small gifts (well thats what we think), how can we measure that little bit of sun as small actually, when the sun is so huge ! Everything is measured in its given way and time. Or so we think................... Who is the best of Measurer's? Yes we know, but do we really realize? Will we stand up to His measures, His Judgement, on that more than sunny Day! Where will the sun be on that Day? Yes, those little measures will all be measured in Total! No more fog, no more misty days! All will be clear.
"Have a nice day!"   MRW